Dog Tags for Pets Buy Online or Go Local?

A cute dog without a pet id tag in a Christmas costume

You are looking to buy a beautiful Dog Tags for Pets Online for your loved family member? Should you rather buy online, or buy in one of Australia’s many local Pet shops?

When shopping online for custom Dog Tags you clearly have more choice than going to a local shop. If you are worried buying your engraved dog tag would take too much time to finish the engraving, rest assured that all orders will be processed within 24hrs and are send out to you within 1 – 3 business days. Even a local pet shop needs time to send your order to an engraver.

Our pet tag manufacturer RedDingo specialises on Engraved Dog Tags only. The fully automated processed ensures highest quality and super fast processing and delivery times directly to your door step.

The best thing is the envelope is so small that it will just slip in your letter box. No need having to go back to the pet shop to pick it up or to your local post office to pick up a parcel.

However, we understand if you wish to give your order to a local shop to support their business, no hard feelings. At least, you should have a quick look in our Dog Tag Online Shop to see our wide selection.

Just to make sure you are not missing out on any super cute design, like our amazing glitter pet name tag range.