Unique Pet ID tags

We all wish to be different and when it comes to unique Pet ID tags, there is nothing vain about it. The best pet tag is the one that stands out from the crowd and the fur. The easier it is to see that your loved companion is wearing a tag, the more effective it becomes when you need it the most.

In our web shop we have a huge variety of Pet ID tags available. From our simple and all time bestsellers

To our more unique designs and style. To find something really unusual and a cool design, its best to key in a word, like your hobby or passion or anything that describes you or your dog in our search field and see what comes up. We have Pet name tags for all kinds of styles

ANOTHER approach is to browse through our categories and pick a general style of pet id tag. Maybe you like extra cute with our glitter designs, or you prefer to pick one of the many different and creative designs from our Enamel Pet Tag section. Don’t be shy, just click around.

Most importantly have fun and remember. All our tags come with: