Best dog tags in Australia

Who has the best dog tags in Australia? Certainly, this is a challenging question to answer. With the many designers and manufacturers out there, all with their different design and appeal, it is hard to make a definite decision upon this question.

Maybe, a different way of looking at this question is what will provide an answer to one or the other. Whereas, websites like Etsy for example offer a creative selection of local and international designers of dog tags, with probably very beautiful tags, we decided to go a different path.

The reason why we are in the dog tags game is because we want to keep your furry friend safe. Period. Although we believe to have a tremendous selection of different designs and colours, we believe what a dog tag does best is keeping all the contact information safe with your dog at all times.

Therefore, our most important criteria, and what we do best for all our dog tags we sell in Australia, is our engraving technology. We do not simply print the information on the tag, or hand carve it into soft metal. Our manufacturing partner actually engraves all your details 1mm deep and wide into solid stainless steel. This engraved text will never fade, never corrode, never disappear. Because we know that, and we are sure of it as well, we offer you a life-time guarantee on all our dog tags.

Well, and in all modesty, we also believe we have some of the best designs of dog tags in Australia. If you dont believe us, just have a browser yourself.