Personalized Pet Tags

Once you pick up your cute new puppy dog, you need to start thinking about how to keep him safe. Especially in the early days, your dog does not know the world yet. Where is home, what is too far. What is dangerous and why not run around and chase the butterflies all the way.

Think of a puppy like a baby on wheels. Although small, they start being fast and agile really quickly. Before you know it, they can run faster and further than you could ever dream of.

Unfortunately, that leads to lost and run away pets year after year after year. We never get tired advocating new and old owners to put a personalized pet tag on your dog.

In case he runs away, it will be easy for a friendly stranger or neighbour to give you a quick call and help you find your little roamer.

It is really not that hard, and not expensive at all. We offer you Free Engraving and Free Shipping. All you have to do is pick a design and tell us what text you wish to engrave on the back of our personalized pet tags. We always recommend to start with the dog’s name and your phone number. The rest is up to you and your creativity.