Personalized dog tags for pets

You are looking for personalized dog tags for your furry pet? You have come to the right place. On Dog Tags Online, you can use our Pet Tag Editor to not only play around with different designs and colours, but also you get to see the engraved text.

We let you enter the text you wish to personalize for engraving on your pet tag for your dog, so you can see what the final product will look like. There are a lot of cool variations and funny lines you can come up with, from dramatic to hillarious:

  • I am lost, my parents are crying, please call xxxx
  • I left the gang behind, they need me back asap. Just ring xxx
  • Went for a walk, turned the wrong way, just gimme a lift.
  • Please kindly ring my mamma to return me home

All these lines and many more can serve as inspiration, but the most important point is to get the design right. In the end you wish to personalize your pet tag so it really suits the character of your dog. Often people find a pleasing design from our best seller list:

But if you are really into fully customising your pet id tag to match your dog’s true spirit, you need to browse through our collection of designs and styles. We recommend to take a look into our different categories to first determine, whether you rather want it vintage, classic or poppy.