Engraved Dog Tags

Putting all your important contact details down on beautifully engraved dog tags is not only a way to express the true nature of your furry friend with style; a customised dog name tag it’s also a great way to make sure your dog stays safe and all times.

Imagine this! You are having a great time with a friend strolling around in the park when suddenly your attention on your dog is low and he picks up a curious smell and studs chasing down the road. Before you know it he squeezes it self through a fence off an abandoned property with the gates and no way to see inside.

Although this might sound like a terrible day to happen, don’t be mistaken. Runaway dogs are more common than people hope to believe. So if this, or anything like it, happened to you. What would you do? It is always hard to deal with a stressful situation like such, but imagine you know that your dog carries an ID tag on its collar. I bet it would give you a whole lot of peace of mind knowing that a good person will find your dog and give you a call as early as possible.

As a matter fact, the dog is more likely to be picked up by a stranger if it is evident that the dog belongs to an owner. For a stranger it would be hard to tell, whether a dog has a household and belongs somewhere or whether the dog is without a care taker, if the dog wears no dog name tags . After a couple of days or even a few rough hours a rather well groomed dog may turn into a more wildly looking fellow. Even the kindest hearted of person would wonder whether it is safe to make contact with the animal or whether the animal might have some disease. A pet ID tag is very clear signal for anybody that this dog belongs somewhere and somebody is most likely looking for it already. Therefore it would be safe to approach the dog and have a look a the engraved dog tag. Once the personalised tag ID information has been discovered, the reunion is only a phone call away.

To make things really easy, we recommend engraving following information to your dog tag:

  • Dog’s Name
  • Owners Phone Number
  • Owners Email Address
  • Owners Street Address

On our website you can play around with different engraving options using our dog tags editor. Once you are pleased with the arrangement and the design, as well as the color and size for your dog, this little piece of safety is only 3 to 5 days away. Have a look in the web shop, And see if you like any of our many different engraved dog tags designs.