Dog Name Tags

Dog tags with an engraved name on its front or back side are called dog name tags. However, beyond carrying a dog’s name on its tag, they serve many different purposes. First and foremost, they are an essential tool to keep your dog safe in case your furry friend gets lost.

Believe it or not, that might happen more often than you would like to. Just within a split second your dog can catch a smell or see something too interesting to ignore. For you it is very hard to chase after your dog, especially if you are starting behind.

Especially with very young dogs, which have less experience and awareness of dangerous situations, it can happen a lot. Nothing worse than having a very young very new best friend run away from you without you having any chance of catching up to him.

I have seen very fit and well trained men trying to chase their dogs and catch them. The endurance, agility and speed of a dog is beyond comparison to what most men or women can cope with.

Therefore it is really important, then whenever you walk your dog, that you were, or better said your dog was a dog name tag on its collar. With that piece of safety attached to your best friend, you can be sure that somebody will pick up the phone and get your little runner back to you in no time.

To make things really easy, we have looked for the best quality dog name tags on the market and have gathered a beautiful selection of stylish and durable quality tags. You can engrave all the important information such as phone number, pets name, and your address on the back or front of the dog tags for free. On top of that we will ship the item to you free of charge all of Australia within 3 to 5 business days. If that doesn’t convince you, please be sure that we have a lifetime guarantee for all our tags.

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If you are looking for a specific type of tag for your dog, to put its name on it. You may want to browse through our categories of different types of dogs name tags.

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