Dog ID tags are essential

sorry to be so upfront. But a dog loving owner who does not put dog ID tags on the collar of its best mate, is foolish.

I don’t care how well your dog is trained, and how much she loves you, but a run away situation can happen any time, easily. There really is not excuse why you should not have your best friend wear this one piece of safety.

All that is left to say to us is better safe than sorry. We have heard this story numerous times, that friends of ours lost their dogs for days and only through unbelievable luck were able to get them back. The stress and unhappiness this can bring upon an owner is indescribable. Of course, afterwards, we all know better. My friends did not wait one second to put an ID tag of some form on their dogs collar.

We set out to protect naive owners from this horror scenario by continuously promoting this simple and at the same time beautiful piece of safety.

If you are a nay sayer, just have a look first, ok.

If none of these basic best seller options is good enough you may want to look into our Swarovski diamond range

If you have a rather fun personality and look for more cool and funky dog tags designs, than our biggest range of Enamel Dog ID tags will certainly give you enough choice to pick from

Whatever it is, we wont give up until your dog is safe. Rest assured, that all dog id tags come with a life time guarantee, free shipping in Australia and also free engraving.

Do you have anything more to hold against all this? Then let us know in person why you are not buying one tag for your dog right now and send us an email to: [email protected]