Custom Pet Tags

Custom Pet Tags are more necessary than ever. In an ever busier environment, the risk of having your furry companion chase after a distinctive smell down a walk way is more real than ever.

Nowadays, it is an absolute most to put a dog tag on the collar, customised with your address details, the name and phone number. In case you lose sight of your young companion, you are very likely to find him back in no time. Many friendly strangers would have a look at the custom dog tag and call the number if they cannot see the owner around. It is really so simple, just pick one of the most popular designs available on our store right here

Now, it is just about entering your dog’s name, contact details of yourself and maybe your address or a funny line. Some people even offer a reward right on the tag, like $50 to motivate people to make an effort. Sometimes it can take some time and effort to get a dog’s attention and trust so that your buddy can be accompanied back home by the friendly helper who found him.

In case the best selling designs do not tickle your taste, just have a look at all our different categories. There is more than 100 different designs and customisation options available. With so much choice, it can be hard to make a decision. But dont wait for too long. Make sure your custom dog tag is on your dog’s collar asap, protecting him from getting lost and keeping him / her safe.