Custom Dog Tags for Pets

are simply the best and safest way, to keep your dog safe. Whenever your dog decides to runaway, just because you were distracted or and new scent is in the air, you can at least rest assured that your dogs passport is with him around his collar.

If a police man or woman, or any other open hearted person comes across your dog roaming around the streets, they will know in an instant did your dog belongs to somebody. If an animal is well without an owner, they usually don’t wear a custom dog tag. Now, think about it. The more unique and special the tag around your dog is customers, the more it will stand out and communicate that this dog belongs to a loving owner.

Therefore, it is certainly worth giving all categories a really good browse to make sure you’re not only find the most exciting design, but also pick a color that best describes the character and lifestyle of your dog.

We all certainly know, that making a decision is probably the hardest thing to do. When it comes to any type of fashionable clothing or a custom dog tags for pets it can be challenging to finally click the button. If this sounds like you, you may just go with one of our best selling options below

However you wish to customize your dog tag, simply know that whatever design you decide to go for, the most important part of customizing your pet tag is certainly putting down all the important information to be engraved on it. Therefore we put together a small list for you to make sure all relevant information is on tag : )

  • Pet’s name
  • Dog’s address
  • Owners phone number

But as we were talking about customizing your dog tag, you certainly have a wide array of options on how and what to engrave on your pet tag. Our editor, that you will find after clicking on a design you like, will allow you to play around with different wordings and ideas. Once you are ready to go, just click the buy now button and we will get your fully customized Dog Tag out to you in 3 to 5 business days.